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Wes McFarland
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About me!

I am a home business enthusiast. My love for freedom and independence became a realization many years ago when my employer of four to five years, called one day, and expected me, at a moment’s notice to sell my recently purchased home and move to another city. I had concerns about losing my comfortable income, company car and all the benefits. But I realized that my making a living was interfering with my living my life. So I refused their offer and resigned, not knowing what my next step would be.

A couple weeks later an acquaintance asks if I was open to opportunities if the hours and money were right. I of course said yes and that began my first experience as a home business owner.

The beginning was not without challenges. I soon learned, just as with my previous work as an employee, there were things to learn.

The first was time management. Having no time clocks or bosses making me accountable I had to layout my work plan and then commit to it.

There were new skills, not difficult but necessary. Staying connected, forming associations with successful leaders in the industry. The biggest challenge was to set  aside all doubt, turn deaf ears to my friends that said it would not work, that I was crazy and just believe and know that I could and would do it, I would achieve my dreams of time and financial freedom. This all began almost 40 years ago.

Today I work with a great team of people, represent one of the finest companies in the industry. Enjoy a remarkable compensation plan. And share a product that is simply amazing.

Regardless of your station in life, young or old, we all realize the importance of money. But what we have through the years accepted to be true is no longer true. Paper currency is no longer doing the job it once did. Your savings account of paper currency is losing value every single day.
Join us, become one of the many thousands that are now exchanging their paper currency for 999.9 pure 24K gold bullion, the new international gold money. This is the only product I know, that when you exchange your paper currency for it, your asset balance increases. You have more after the transaction, than before.

So after forty years of home business, lotions and potions, I have found the ultimate team of successful entrepreneurs, a company beyond reproach and a product that will span the globe.
If you are looking for your freedom, join us.