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Daily - Live Webinar 12 noon eastern time zone (USA)
Nightly -  Live Webinar 9 pm eastern time zone (USA)
Internet: http://karatbarswebinar.com
Telephone: 213-416-1560 | Attendee Access Code: 542 635 231

Independent Affiliates set people up with Gold Accumulation Plans
and earn weekly compensation from that activity!
It is a Gold savings program that offers each participant the opportunity
to exchange paper or digital money for gold, direct, without a Bank or Broker.
De-couple your money from Banks and Interest Rates. Couple to Physical Gold Ownership. 

The Breakfast Club 

Karatbars International Affiliates and Gold Enthusiasts
Casual, Relaxed "Talk Show" Type Webinar with Interaction Encouraged.
Weekdays @ 10:45 AM  (Eastern Time Zone - USA)
Internet: www.thebreakfastclub.ws

The Breakfast Club is always
Followed by 2 "Live" Daily Webinars for Guests

2 Live Webinars Daily

Leverage the energy, confidence and expertise of the Presenters.
Affiliates are encouraged to send prospects here.


1.The Product (Gold has a 5,000+ year history that is all good)
2.The System/Software – Quickly, safely exchanges paper money into 999.9 gold
3.The Free Customer Account – fast  and easy to set up and use
4.The Affiliate Rewards Program-  Pays in Cash or its digital equivalent and Gold
5.De-Couple from Banking System, Interest Rates and Fiat Paper Currency
6.Couple units of money to Gold and Gold Prices, a historic “safe haven”
7.Gain Control of Your Money and “Up Your Financial IQ” at the same time
8.Free Gold Storage in Offshore Vaults and/or Delivery to 100+ Countries
9.Currency Grade Pure 999.9 Gold Grams are affordable and easy to get
10.Timing - 3+ Years in Business with 2014 poised to be “The Best Year Ever”

FACT - Thousands of people worldwide are taking the following action(s):

  • De-couple money from the Banking System and paltry interest rates

  • Couple to Gold and Gold Prices


FACT - Paper money and everything purchased with and kept in paper money
(or it's digital equivalent) is losing purchasing power, and value, at a record pace.

FACT - Paper money was created as a Gold Substitute

FACT - There is a way to exchange Gold Substitute (Paper Money) for
Gold ( Real Money) without a Bank or Broker.

Why would you want a money substitute when you can have real GOLD MONEY?
Get the facts and take action while we can.